Dizzy & Dink comprises a sibling duo, Zora and Usachii.

Zora is the primary artist. All of these adorable designs are made by Zora’s magical hand.

Usachii formats, markets, delegates, runs this website… You get it. The miscellaneous stuff.

Dizzy & Dink are the names of two characters Usachii created years ago. Originally, Usachii envisioned comics, animations, video games—but those things require a team! And a plan.

Welcome to the beginning of that plan.

Notebooks, sketchbooks, coloring books, T-shirts, posters, stickers, games, etc. This sibling duo is starting small, with the first item on that list, but they have big plans for these cute characters.

More than anything, they hope you will love them as much as they do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Learn more about Zora
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCa4KKbcb5i_CuDPx1yxRuSA
Tumblr: nettletale.tumblr.com

Learn more about Usachii
Official Website: kestrapingree.com
YouTube: youtube.com/c/usachiichan